Illinois Politics

We Can Reopen Safely, But Will We?

The damage done over the course of my entire life by not investing in our nation’s children and in our nation itself is evident wherever you look and especially when looking into the eye’s of nearly every single person you know.

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Listen to Biden

No matter if you feel you agree or disagree with Joe Biden, if you support his campaign or do not, he’s going to be on the ballot in November. Take a moment and listen. If at all possible listen without providing commentary until the end. That’s a big ask. Just a moment.

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Cognitive Dissonance Hot Zone

I think the point of the Open Moultrie signs, next to the Pritzker Sucks signs, cozied up next to the Trump 2020 signs is to clearly paint a bright arrow to show passersby that this is where cognitive dissonance has taken root, could be airborne, and efforts are underway to make it hereditary.
If anybody wants to have a frank, honest conversation about reality and solving the myriad of problems that we all face together, they should definitely turn themselves around and drive 100 miles away in any direction … because that conversation is most likely not possible in this Cognitive Dissonance Hot Zone.

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22 May 2020