Miller’s Fruit of Nostalgia Plain

Politicians are known by their fruit. “Politicians are known by their votes and the policies that they promote, ” Miller went on to say. We know how she started her career on Capitol Hill. We know what she has voted to bring home to our district: Nothing at all. She’s the farmer that brings nothing to the farmer’s market but takes the biggest subsidy check home to cash anyways. She’s got to pay the nanny to homeschool her kids that yours are all going to hell.

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Homelessness, Republican Morbid Fascination and the Millers

Wash Post, Tennessee General Assembly

We need someone that is going to fight for our communities, not about some special interest BS that only divides our nation further. We need someone to fight to build roads, bridges, and rails, that fights to prepare every kid for a better paying job, and fights to make government services work better for less money wasted.

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