National Security

9/11: Loss, Mourning, Solidarity

September 11th. A time of loss and mourning for our country. 
It was also one of the last times our country came together in solidarity. 

Shared pain and suffering has a way of bringing people together. How could we do anything but coalesce as a nation and a world after such an attack?

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EIU Reopening???

It takes strong leaders to stand up and not lead from fear. Demand better or you receive less. No wonder rural communities are struggling.

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Rewrite Tomorrow

We’re less educated, so we’re less able to understand what’s happening right now. 
Our country is crumbling around us, so we’re less able to act upon what’s happening right now.
We’re not as healthy as we could be, and our knowledge and access to becoming healthier is limited.
Services and officials are less able to meet the demands and needs that we have and deserve.

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3 August 2020

Bolton Tenure: Keep The Lie Going

Suddenly, the value of those 520 days Bolton sat in his position, and those 139 days we waited for his book to be published after the trial was over, begin to seem as large as the 293 days that President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee sat before the Senate, twice as long as any other Supreme Court nominee in American history.

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Trump Calls for Retreat Abroad

Trump has called for a 25% reduction in troops in Germany. Since Russian annexation of Crimea, American troop withdrawals from Europe are sending the message that Putin’s territorial aggression in Eastern Europe means America will turn tail on allies and retreat.

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