Donald Trump: Myth maker

Source: NYT

The levels of fake news and whataboutism he helped blossom into real threats to logic and reason are capitalizing on a lack of civic knowledge and engagement. Increasing numbers of Americans are susceptible to believing anything but the truth without any skepticism. It is creating an environment that empowers both his myth-making and supporters.

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Uvalde Is US; Take a Good Long Look

We are more inclined to hide our brokenness to the detriment of both self and others. We won’t stand for others pointing out our mistakenness, either. We refuse to hold ourselves or those closest to us accountable, which is why the rhetoric about some distant, physically removed ‘other’ becomes more poisonous, more targeted, and often more distant and disconnected from reality.

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Miller a Ghost, Davis Pontificates, FOP Endorses

From Rollcall.com

Davis is simply trying to distract from his lack of results for his much longer tenure in Congress. He said he was for all of these principles. When it came to voting to support those principles, he couldn’t do it because of who was in the White House.

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Homelessness, Republican Morbid Fascination and the Millers

Wash Post, Tennessee General Assembly

We need someone that is going to fight for our communities, not about some special interest BS that only divides our nation further. We need someone to fight to build roads, bridges, and rails, that fights to prepare every kid for a better paying job, and fights to make government services work better for less money wasted.

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17 April 2022

Doing the Difficult

Let’s hope Biden was honest when he said he would be the President for all Americans, regardless of what candidate they voted for in this election.
The pandemic has only intensified and deepened the issues within the education system as well as every other aspect of basic living and survival.

And, yet, Americans may not tackle these problems. Americans may continue to reward failure in their leaders. Americans may continue to not engage with those they disagree because it’s just too difficult and uncomfortable.

I thought we did difficult things.

Maybe, that was another America.

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Trump’s Taxes

For as much as I’ve heard people claim what a great businessman Trump is, all I see is evidence that he is a carnival barker who has been able to capitalize on our nation’s lack of investment in education and infrastructure over the last 50 years.

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