U.S. Constitution Under Attack

When a sitting President of the United States is advocating that he can by Executive Order arbitrarily repeal any amendment of the U.S. Constitution, you’d think you’re watching a movie. However, you’d be watching current events in the current midterm election.

I would never stand for any President repealing the 2nd Amendment, so why would any Republican or Democratic voter stand for President Trump doing the same to the 14th Amendment?
There comes a time in every generation where we have to decide what our country stands for and against.
We have been a nation that has been governed by our Constitution. Our nation was built upon Native American cultures by immigrant populations. Are we going to deny our history and our inclusive culture to satisfy a divisive and derisive ploy that is both unconstitutional and against our American values?

We do have a choice in this election. Are we going to vote for rubber stamps and lemmings or for a voice of the people, for our district, for our constitutional rights, and for an economy that works for everyone, not just campaign donors?

We can protect our borders and honor our American Constitution and values without dividing the country along cultural and racial lines. It’s called working together to solve our problems.
We work best as a country and a community when we work together.
Our best days are ahead of us.

Gaither Speaks Out on Ballot Referendum

I had the opportunity to speak out on the Coles County Board referendum on the Second Amendment. Thankfully, four of our elected officials decided to put county over party. That takes guts in a party that increasingly puts party over country. Seven that are or will be running for re-election decided to bow down.
My position on the Second Amendment has remained consistent.
I will never support legislation that bans firearms.
What we must do is hold people accountable.
This referendum was requested to be placed on the ballot by the Coles County Republican Party. They are the masters of most of our local county officials because those officials delivered tonight.
The Republicans need this ballot referendum because they have no positive agenda or results on which to run this November. 
  • Trillion dollar deficits for the next decade
  • Mounting national debt
  • Increasing out-of-pocket healthcare costs
  • Increasing prices
  • Decreasing wages
  • Crumbling infrastructure with no plan to fix it
  • Increasing conflict with allies and trade partners

The Illinois Constitution is clear. Any referendum by a county shall be adopted by the County Board.

Here is the language of this referendum.

”Should the Illinois General Assembly pass legislation protecting a citizen’s right to bear arms as defined by the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution?”

It is impossible to adopt this referendum because the question is about the General Assembly doing something, not the County Board.
Do we really want Cook County to make policy for Coles County?
I doubt that very much, but the current leadership of the Coles County Board is opening that door.

We need leaders, not lemmings.

The Time for Accountability with Firearms is Now

In Texas, if a child takes a firearm of their parent or guardian, the parent or guardian is responsible. However, there is a rather large loophole in this law. If a child is 16 or under 18, the parent or guardian is no longer responsible. Also, minors cannot purchase firearms in Texas under most circumstances. 

Yet again, it comes down to personal accountability and responsibility of firearms. A ban on weapons would have not stopped this terrorist act, as this was just a shotgun. 

At some point, all of the people supporting the Second Amendment and all of the people that want to minimize gun violence in America, especially at our schools, must come together. I stand with both. Some people refuse to do so. Those that do not aren’t really in the conversation. 

  • For many Republicans this is a difficult choice as they fear going against the NRA, the angry base, or being primaried, forgetting the lives of the children and families they represent.
  • For many Democrats it is a difficult choice to not get everything they want and risk upsetting the base. 

For me it is very simple.

The status quo continues to grow the number of body bags in our schools.

Doing nothing, the NRA and gun manufacturers approach, has not worked. 

The time is now to stop listening to special interest groups and start working on simple measures that can give law enforcement the tools to make those who aren’t responsible with their firearms to be held accountable.

The time is now to start listening to each other. Those that own guns and are responsible are not the enemy. Those that want to do something about gun violence are not the enemy. We’re actually on the same page. 

Let’s work together and stop listening to the most shrill, loud voices on this issue and get down to the business of the American people and start working to solve our nation’s problems.

Gun Sanctuaries and Broken Immigration

Part of my job is to create new options that can bring people with seemingly disparate positions together.

We have to acknowledge that for many people the fear and anxiety are real and work within that reality. The people matter and their voices haven’t been heard in too long.

Many have bought into the NRA propaganda, which is relentless. Also, the politics on Second Amendment rights and how it parallels to broken immigration policy cannot be ignored.

These types of politically toxic policies are an outgrowth of our increasingly divided nation.

Instead of discussing options on how to move forward together, our country and state are falling further and further behind.

Meanwhile, actions like gun sanctuaries and sanctuary cities are sowing more division and derision into both our communities and our politics. This is because there is no constructive debate on reasonable reforms on either guns or immigration in Congress.

Working families are financially stressed and have been enduring wage stagnation for too long.

Rural America hasn’t had a voice in Congress in decades.

With few choices on the ballot, there has to be someone or something to blame, so incumbents often use divisive issues to excuse their lack of results.

Enough is Enough.

I’m tired of the excuses. I know you are too.

It is high time we started understanding why we react so strongly to issues and figure out how we can begin to respond instead. 

Aren’t we ready for our immigration system to move into the 21st century? 

Aren’t we ready for people to be held accountable for their own firearms?

It’s utterly clear that one size does not fit all. However, if the two sides can’t even sit down and discuss these issues in a responsible manner nothing will ever improve.

Under the current broken system, wages are depressed because some employers can pay starvation wages to those who are living here illegally.

Under the current broken system, some firearm owners aren’t being held accountable when their firearms are used by children and others in violence. 

We don’t have to ban weapons to better protect people. There are real common ground approaches the majority of Americans have wanted passed in Congress for decades.

We don’t have to have an open door policy to fix our borders and immigration system securely, compassionately, and affordably. There are real common ground approaches the majority of Americans have wanted passed in Congress for decades.

Instead of every group remaining entrenched,

let’s get to work and solve these problems together. 

Aren’t we sick of the partisan bickering, the pundit speculating, and the status quo strangling us all?

I know I am. That’s why I’m running for Congress because I’m sick of both parties doing nothing but make our problems worse.

My objectives are simple.

  • Bring different perspectives to the table
  • Stop kicking the can to the next generation
  • Stop making excuses as to why nothing changes
  • Begin solving our problems together

Nothing great is accomplished in America without us working together. That is how we landed on the Moon, how we stopped Ebola in Africa, and how we’ve been that beacon on the hill for over two centuries.

We’re not perfect, but we strive to become a more perfect union. It’s about time we get back to that hallowed goal.

(Photo Courtesy of Chicago Tribune, Rich Saal/AP)