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Category: Unions

Dems Should Tackle the Issues, Not Each Other

If Democratic candidates and current legislators would take a break from attacking each other, they might realize the real threats are much larger and longterm than any disagreements they have with one another.

Doing the Difficult

Let’s hope Biden was honest when he said he would be the President for all Americans, regardless of what candidate they voted for in this election. The pandemic has only intensified and deepened the issues within the education system as well as every other aspect of basic living and survival. And, yet, Americans may not tackle these problems. Americans may continue to reward failure in their leaders. Americans may continue to not engage with those they disagree because it’s just too difficult and uncomfortable. I thought we did difficult things. Maybe, that was another America.

Experts Aren’t Leading on COVID

Trump is not just a failure. He is a threat to our national security, our public health, our economy and our longevity as a nation. Don't see President Trump through the filter of your choice in 2016. See President Trump as he is.

Labor Day: The Fight for American Workers

Yes, Republicans have pounded the idea that Democrats are bad and low wages for American workers are good for the economy, but is this really what rural Americans are going to continue to swallow election after election?