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On Tariffs and Trade

I’m all for a reinvigorated American-based steel industry. We need these jobs to come back to America. Not only does that increase inflation risks but it could lead to layoffs in the manufacturing sector. We need to elect representatives that listen to workers, stand up for workers’ rights, and start doing their jobs. The people deserve nothing less than that.  Continue reading On Tariffs and Trade

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Immigration and Economic Insecurity

This is about depressed wages, fewer opportunities for Union workers, and lack of fairness for taxpayers. 
Just like this mother is fighting for her family’s future, these families are fighting for the future of their children. Continue reading Immigration and Economic Insecurity

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Savings Drain, Wage Stagnation Major Concerns for Economy

Signs of strain emerge in the Trump-GOP economy, says Chandra and Golle of Bloomberg. When savings are drained, it limits consumer spending. This is especially troubling ahead of the holiday season and the all important 4th Quarter where many companies … Continue reading Savings Drain, Wage Stagnation Major Concerns for Economy