Illinois Energy

Energy is a vital part of the economy of the 15th District.

Not only is energy policy key to transportation, utility, and other rising costs, it’s also key to growing jobs, entrepreneurship, and opportunity. 

As I’ve traveled from county to county, I’ve had the opportunity to visit with many voters and workers. Their perspectives and experiences have broadened and shaped my pro-energy platform. These include oil and gas, renewables like solar, wind, and biofuels, as well as coal and steel.

Currently, there are many threats to the downstate energy economy.

Some voters are rightly concerned about the environment as it is directly linked into our farmland, our waterways, and tourist destinations. There are also businesses and whole communities that are struggling because of both state and federal policies.

We must do better if we’re going to turn this economy around and protect our farmland, waterways, and the air that we breathe.

Striking the proper balance is crucial when approaching energy and jobs, and too often the people that are making the decisions aren’t listening to the people that are most impacted by these cavalier decisions.

I will always have an open door for constituents, unlike our current representative.

It’s understandable that many of the workers in these struggling industries would expect President Trump and the GOP to deliver on the big promises given to them in last year’s election and in years past.

The reality is that nothing much has changed to boost downstate economies in years and even decades. 

It’s about time someone stood up and fought every day for these communities. I am that fighter. 

Smaller energy companies care about the communities, the farmland, and the waterways that house them. Currently, these are being driven out of the market by a regulation and fee scheme that gives large companies unfair advantages.

I want to correct these mistakes made by both parties.

There are relevant environmental concerns that exist, and these concerns are shared by these small local companies.

Sometimes, it can be too easy to weigh the environmental concerns over those of workers and vice versa. I will work to protect both. 

Being ambivalent to the plight of these workers, families, and communities without ever actually listening to them let alone actually seeing them with your own eyes is not only aloof but is part of the problem that the Democratic Party has with connecting with downstate voters.

Rep. John Shimkus is actually guilty of both.

I won’t ever turn my back on workers, families, or community. 

Most of Central and Southern Illinois haven’t had a voice in the House of Representatives in a long time. I will be that voice. 

We can protect energy jobs while creating new energy jobs throughout the 15th District, support small energy companies that care about our communities and lands, and protect our economy and environment moving us forward together.

We must only come together in order to achieve all of the above.

I’m exhausted by the politics that have been used to divide us instead of bring us together. I’m fairly certain most people are as well.

I’m a new voice that can unite people under common objectives, driving our economy back to where it belongs, helping to fund our schools, repair our infrastructure, and create jobs and economic stability.

That’s what we’ve deserved for two decades.

That’s what we haven’t received in far too long.

Let’s make that change together!

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2 responses to “Illinois Energy”

  1. What is your plan to stabilize the climate? If elected will you join the bi-partisan Climate Solutions Caucus?

    1. Kevin Gaither, former nominee, 15th Congressional District, Illinois, 2018. – 15th District of Illinois – Fighting for the People of Illinois

      I would. I have a degree in Chemistry. This bi-partisan group’s goals are fairly clear. Protect the environment and the economy. The two go hand in hand. “The Caucus will serve as an organization to educate members on economically-viable options to reduce climate risk and protect our nation’s economy, security, infrastructure, agriculture, water supply and public safety.”

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