Sat. May 21st, 2022

As the Democratic nominee for the People of the 15th District, I’ll be listening to every person in the district. The size and depth of the issues that impact our district, our families, and our communities are serious. I want to know what you think, believe, and know.

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  • Applying a New & Realistic Vision to Our Common Problems
  • Expanding Services & Protections for Seniors, the Vulnerable, and Working Families
  • Pushing for Real Wage & Economic Growth Strategies

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    1. Anytime . . . I appreciate your dedication to the community and time you take to answer my questions. Let me know if there’s anything I can do and any events I should be attending. Thank you!

  1. Eagle Point Bay Association Building, Goreville, IL: The social committee is planning for their “Meet the Candidates” before the 2018 primary election. All candidates covering our area will be invited to introduce themselves and answer a few questions from the audience. IF you are running for office, or you know someone who is running, this is the SCOOP. This will be on Sunday Feb 11, from 2-4pm (or longer if necessary). Formal invitations will be sent out as soon as the County Clerk has a final ballot list. OR you can tell me here, if you will attend. There will be refreshments and time for conversation. Spread the word. Keep the date free.

        1. I disagree. My stance is quite different from Congressional Republicans and is in line with the vast majority of the citizens of the 15th District.

  2. Kevin,
    Thank you for participating in the Women’s Forum at the IBEW 309 Local in Collinsville. Indivisible 12th realizes that with so many candidates at the forum we were not able to get to all the questions, nor were any of the candidates able to give a full response. With that in mind, we invite you to respond in a written format to the same questions you were given before the forum. You can send me your written responses which we will post on our website and on social media. Since Indivisible 12th were partners with other organizations, we will give your responses to them to share on their social media sites. We believe this is a win/win/win for our members, all the candidates and the electorate. If you need the questions resent, let me know and I will get them to you.

    Beverly Adams
    Indivisible 12th

    1. Voters are saying something else. I listen to people, not critics.

  3. After reading the information shared on Kevin Gaither’s website, I am convinced he is the person the 15th District needs to fight for us in Washington D.C. I am spreading the news to my friends and family. It is time for a change, we need him. Please vote for him in November.

  4. Congratulations………..I think you can beat Shimkus. He is nothing but a Trump and Rauner
    puppet. We need to get the Districts back like they were before. They are so jerrymandered
    that they only benefit politicians.

  5. Are you for the party or the people? Both parties have wrecked IL. It’s “structure” is currently in a “state of disrepair” (has been for decades). With an estimated $8B deficit and growing, over 35k net loss of people—how will you standup to the Madigan’s and Edgar’s of IL? You won’t! They will not support your re-election…you’ll be ostracized.

    We sold our land in S.IL a few years ago—we were going to build our “dream” home; dumped the plans to retire in IL from the military—why bring our $ and entrepreneur ideas to a state with the top tax burden? IL can’t even climb out of the cellar in this historic economy? It will only get worse when the economy slows, and it will—tax receipts will decrease and state handouts will uptick.

    “IL exodus” is real. Hard-facts are, ~49 other states offer better options, with many simply across the N, E, S and W borders.

    Why would an IL politician be concerned with people staying or leaving IL? Politicians do well in IL, get that state “gravy-train” (golden parachute) retirement plan to the tune of $72k off the backs of workers. For what? Nation leading deficits, taxes, state gov criminality, etc. When outflow outpaces inflow, maybe people will learn? Wait, what’s a deficit again?! Never mind…

    1. First, I agree that there are serious problems in Illinois caused by both sides of the aisle, especially when it comes to downstate. Second, I’m running in a federal race to represent the 15th District in the U.S. House of Representatives, not the State Legislature. There are great Democratic candidates running for State House and State Senate races throughout downstate. I would urge you to find yours and listen to what they have to say because they want to listen to what you have to say.

      About “this historic economy,” it is historic, but not for the vast majority of people. And, that’s not just about Illinois. Wages have been stagnant for decades, in some industries wages have actually been decreasing. Many 70-80 year olds are working 6 or 7 days a week to help foot the bill for two or three generations. These working class people have been left behind by the economy, especially in rural America and rural Illinois.

      If you want to examine the real drivers of our high tax environment in Illinois, look no further than our regressive flat income tax. This places all the burdens on working people and true small businesses. It also lands the burden of paying for education, infrastructure, and local government on property taxes. This is why the economic environment is so hostile to both workers and especially to business.

      Calling assistance to families “handouts” is an easy way to not appreciate the real needs as well as the real economic benefits of this assistance. Under our current system, working while poor is punished. We should be incentivizing work instead. If you have any health condition within your family, these issues are compounded greatly.

      The reality about monetary, healthcare, shelter, and food assistance is that all of these go directly into our local economies. When we cut these resources, we’re robbing our small businesses of much needed revenue. And, without eliminating the disincentives and punishments for getting back to work, the bridge to self-reliance is non-existent. We can work on this from both a state and a federal level.

      I’ll go into our neighbors’ economic issues separately another day. A lot of what you’re being told is from bought and paid for media from Gov. Rauner. That’s not exactly reliable.

      When you examine downstate politics, the Republicans have one mantra. “Madigan.” That’s all they run on mostly, or one or two social issues that divide and separate as opposed to build and boost our local economies. I know that the People are exhausted by that boring, tired playbook. They’ve also ran nearly every county board, city council, and state house and state senate district for decades. What do the People have to show for it? Mass exodus.

      There is plenty of blame to go around, but doing the same thing and expecting a different result . . . there’s a phrase about that, isn’t there?

  6. Keep going Kevin! You can beat Shimkus, but more importantly, you will be a man of action in Congress for the people of Illinois and I know you have a big heart and a terrific platform that will help the district thrive!

  7. I’m not aware that you have been to the Urbana area and wonder if you plan to come here. We are isolated in a part of District 15 that gets little attention since Davis is the rep for most of this area. Perhaps you could send a letter to the News Gazette to make folks aware of an alternative to Shimkus

    1. We’ve been in the News Gazette quite a few times but not nearly enough. Also, we’re working with the Mahomet Democrats and other partners in GOTV efforts, setting up Town Halls, and reaching voters. Please let us know where we need to be and what we need to know.

    1. I appreciate your interest in our campaign. I was in St. Jacob two days ago, and have been to Marine and Troy quite a few times. We’ll be in Aviston tomorrow night for a Town Hall and Pin Oak Township on Wednesday for a Meet n Greet. Would love to come and have a Town Hall in all three of those towns. Please get in touch with me. 217/246-8281.

  8. Would you take a call? I have trouble with your opponent. But I’d rather not back someone who doesn’t agree. I live in Nashville, Il. Your district. I’ve never heard of you. Maybe if you het me one ypur side more signs will pop up. Shimkus needs to go.

    1. I’m in your neck of the woods tomorrow. We’re loading back up on yard signs tomorrow, but I’ll be back over here with some this week. Would be great to meet anytime. 217/246-8281

  9. I just wanted to know if you have gone to high schools to try and get the 18 yr old votes. I live in Troy, hadn’t heard of you, until I saw the results on TV that my pick, Carl, lost. You see he talked to me. Now I voted early & of course I voted blue down the ballot, so I voted for you without knowing a thing about you. I would bery much like to talk to you. Dimkus would never talk to me.

  10. My husband and I live in Troy, IL and we’re excited to see a viable candidate run against Shimkus. How can we help get you elected? Will you be doing any town hall meetings near us?

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