My Platform

As a candidate for the People of the 15th District, I’ll be listening to every person in the district. The size and depth of the issues that impact our district, our families, and our communities are serious. I want to know what you think, believe, and know.

  • Applying a New & Realistic Vision to Our Common Problems
    • 22 years is too long with no results for the People
    • Fix the ACA
      • Rx: Allow foreign sourcing; Competitive bidding
      • In areas with one or no provider, offer public option
      • Medicare for chronically ill and disabled
      • Tax credits/subsidies: being healthy, exercising, non-utilization
      • Allow insurance providers to sell across state lines
      • Increase affordable healthcare choices for women and families
    • Educational Reforms
      • Reduce the cost of college for families and individuals
      • Provide vocational educational opportunities in high school and beyond
      • Real partnerships between businesses, schools, and colleges
  • Fighting for the Greatest Generation and Baby Boomers
    • Protecting and streamlining essential services
    • VA, Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid strengthened
    • Increase retirement/disability benefits for those struggling
  • Pushing for Real Wage & Economic Growth Strategies
    • Real relief for small businesses and the middle class
      • Relief from high cost of healthcare
      • Tax subsidies for childcare
      • Increase income tax caps for wealthiest Americans
    • Increase wages for hard working Americans
      • These wages go directly into local economies
      • Pay equity for women
      • Immediate relief for small businesses during transition
      • Reduce healthcare costs/penalties for workers
      • Increase wages/education requirements for police/fire 
      • Stop punishing the disabled for working
      • Employee protections with temp agencies and manufacturers
        • These can rob employees of wages, benefits, and seniority
    • Tax credits for businesses
      • For raising wages, hiring veterans/older workers
      • For providing maternity/paternity leave

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