My Views on Medicare for All

I’m glad to see labor get into the conversation on healthcare. The AFL-CIO recently came out in support of Medicare for All. Here’s their statement.

I’m concerned that in the current state of Bernie’s bill that all the wheels on this particular bandwagon aren’t yet in place.

“The decision not to include a funding scheme was a calculated one, and as Sanders himself told the Washington Post, “there has not been the kind of research and study that we need” to put together cost estimates and funding plans in the proposed bill.”

One of my keys to supporting any reform is that it actually protects people. Without a specific funding scheme, I remain unable to support this version of Medicare for All.

I can’t place the healthcare of working families in doubt over another healthcare reform adventure that doesn’t protect their bottom-lines and their access to affordable, quality healthcare.

This is a great examination of Bernie’s Medicare for All bill by The Atlantic, what the bill brings forward in the healthcare discussion and what it purposefully leaves out of the conversation.

Bernie’s bill at least has more meat on the bone then the GOP Obamacare Repeals during the Obama Administration.

I need a CBO score, a funding scheme, and a great deal more details before I can support this or any other reform. 

I would expect nothing less from my Representative, and we know Rep. Shimkus has not done his due diligence in his votes for the AHCA, which would have stripped citizens of the 15th of coverage for pre-existing conditions, increased premiums and deductibles, and closed the doors on many rural hospitals and healthcare providers.

To me, and for many of the voters I speak with on the campaign trail, we’re concerned about the continued and rising cost of healthcare.

  • It’s deeply concerning how high the cost of prescription drugs remain in a country that is responsible for much of the research and development.
  • It’s also unsettling how there is a persistent effort to eliminate preventive medicine, which saves a great deal of money in the long run.
  • And, for the most vulnerable, seniors, veterans, the disabled, and the chronically ill, there’s always a threat of losing coverage or for their care to become too costly. 

I’m dedicated to protecting and improving the healthcare and wellbeing of all the People of the 15th District. I won’t stop until every person has more affordable, better quality, and more access throughout this great district. The People have deserved better than they’ve received for far too long.

More empty promises aren’t going to solve anything,

and the Details Definitely Matter.

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