Uvalde Is US; Take a Good Long Look

We are more inclined to hide our brokenness to the detriment of both self and others. We won’t stand for others pointing out our mistakenness, either. We refuse to hold ourselves or those closest to us accountable, which is why the rhetoric about some distant, physically removed ‘other’ becomes more poisonous, more targeted, and often more distant and disconnected from reality.

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Evolution in Georgia Primaries? Doubtful

When a Georgia Senate candidate recently mused out loud about evolution and apes, I knew it was going to be an interesting primary season. Especially when, despite being challenged by five other candidates, this Republican candidate elected to not attend a debate.

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Thank you!

My interest in each of you is for a reason. I appreciate your interest in my life and what I do
May we find a better way forward than we have seen in any of the days that have come before us.

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19 May 2022

Miller a Ghost, Davis Pontificates, FOP Endorses

From Rollcall.com

Davis is simply trying to distract from his lack of results for his much longer tenure in Congress. He said he was for all of these principles. When it came to voting to support those principles, he couldn’t do it because of who was in the White House.

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Mary Miller Not Responsible for Past Actions of Volunteer

Andrew Harnik/AP

Full disclosure, I’ve known Brad Graven my entire life. He was in fact my Sunday school teacher, so long ago

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