ISIS Leader Dead While Putin Dances with the Dragon

Now, in 2022, there’s another Olympics that Putin hopes to use to distract us while he dances on the global stage with the dragon in Beijing. He is desperate to find any way to fill the holes in his economy before Biden and NATO slice up the Russian economy, his gas pipelines, and his private assets hiding in the Russian oligarchy.

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3 February 2022

Don’t Burn the Library Down

Outrage and the need to eradicate the voices of others is not owned by either fringe. Both sides want to burn the library.

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Where We Are, Biden’s Tough First Year

The struggles, obstacles, challenges, and threats that our nation and her people face today have not relented with legislation, executive order, public health guidance, or learning from our own direct experience. It’s true, many people are upset. It makes sense they would focus their ire at our political leaders. 

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