Second Amendment

I’m a big supporter of the Bill of Rights and our Constitution. This most certainly includes defending the First and Second Amendments to our Constitution. 

Many reforms that could be imposed would have little impact on reducing gun violence in America. There are other policies that would aid the criminal justice system in their pursuit of criminals. Both sets of policies seem unable to pass through the U.S. Congress.

However, we have to hold gun owners responsible for what happens with their guns. If children, relatives, or others take their guns and commit violence, some penalty most be imposed. This should be in the form of civil or potentially criminal action if severe negligence is found. 

For those who purchase guns in bulk, those penalties must be steeper. Bulk gun purchases are legal, and often are used during hunting season. Unfortunately, there are guns from bulk gun purchases that end up on the streets and used in criminal activities. We have to directly confront that reality without limiting the access for hunters in our rural areas.

The objective is simple; we have to create an impetus for responsible gun owners to secure guns and keep them out of the hands of criminals and those who have no business handling firearms. This is in the direct interest of gun owners, the public, and law enforcement.

Why wouldn’t we hold people accountable for their actions and inactions that lead to injury and death?