This site is designed to foster communication between my campaign and every voter in the 15th District. I want to hear from you. I’ve enabled comments on these pages for a reason . . . because I want an open line of communication with you. Feel free to comment, or if that doesn’t feel comfortable, drop me an email, a text, or a phone call.

The goal is to grow this movement. It’s not about me, it’s about you! Of course, people have relevant questions about who I am, why on earth I would run for Congress, and what motivates me.

If one of your concerns isn’t being addressed here, let me know. Currently, I’m tackling the details and discovering innovative solutions to many issues and policies facing citizens of the 15th District of Illinois.

Healthcare Reform is one of the most discussed topics on the campaign trail. The proposals listed here are the first stage of a long rollout. Your questions and concerns are  great in helping my campaign better address all of the issues with the ACA (ObamaCare) that so many residents continue to experience. Keep those coming!

Thank you for all that you’re doing in your communities and to keep your families afloat in these times!

–Kevin Gaither, Candidate of the People for Congress in the 15th District of Illinois

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You can easily contribute at ActBlue. This site is secure, efficient, and set up for ease of access for both contributor and candidate.

If you find any difficulty in donating on that website, please give me a call or email me anytime, (217) 246-8281 and kevin@gaither4il.com.

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  1. […] When we have the opportunity to pass legislation once again, we must act. We must take aim at wage stagnation, at protecting healthcare, and at protecting the most vulnerable amongst us. Those are the issues I’ve been targeting in my campaign. […]

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