2016 Primary Redux

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that President Trump and the GOP would take any opportunity to take the negative attention and focus off of their inability to govern and produce real results for the American people and turn the pundits and media on divisions within the left.

So, yet again, with information offered by someone who was accused of offering debate questions to one campaign, which she denied, is now offering another account about the primary in order to sell a book.

Is any of it true? Who knows? How could anyone know?

Donna Brazile has changed her story on so many issues throughout the last few years it’s difficult to know if she even knows the truth.

What is stunning is how some within the Democratic Party would use this opportunity to further discord and divisiveness within the Party, progressives, and independents.

All of this in a time where healthcare is on the line, tax cuts for the wealthy that will explode deficits and debt are being rushed through Congress, and threats at home and abroad are on the rise. 

We’re heading into the primary season where we will nominate those who will go against GOP incumbents across the country in gerrymandered districts that are exhausted by this style of politics.

I’m tired of some Democrats using President Trump’s own tweets and deflections for their own presidential ambitions. I’m tired of those obsessed about winning a fight that was over a year and a half ago about a primary involving two members of the Democratic Party and an independent.

Not only is the 2016 primary long over, we all have similar goals that we want to fight to achieve for the American people.

  • Better more affordable healthcare for all Americans.
  • Improved & affordable education providing opportunities for all Americans.
  • Sustained job and wage growth for all Americans.
  • An economic, judicial, and system of government that works for all Americans.

These old squabbles are as counterproductive as they are useful for Trump and the GOP to continue avoiding accountability and responsibility for any forward leaning vision for all Americans. 

Unless you have a time machine,

what good does this continued looking backward actually accomplish?

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