Our campaign has been endorsed by the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board!

As a candidate for the People of the 15th District, I’ll be listening to every person in the district. The size and depth of the issues that impact our district, our families, and our communities are serious. I want to know what you think, believe, and know.

  • Applying a New & Realistic Vision to Our Common Problems
  • Expanding Services & Protections for Seniors, the Vulnerable, and Working Families
  • Pushing for Real Wage & Economic Growth Strategies

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  1. Eagle Point Bay Association Building, Goreville, IL: The social committee is planning for their “Meet the Candidates” before the 2018 primary election. All candidates covering our area will be invited to introduce themselves and answer a few questions from the audience. IF you are running for office, or you know someone who is running, this is the SCOOP. This will be on Sunday Feb 11, from 2-4pm (or longer if necessary). Formal invitations will be sent out as soon as the County Clerk has a final ballot list. OR you can tell me here, if you will attend. There will be refreshments and time for conversation. Spread the word. Keep the date free.


  2. Glad you are running. After 50 years in business we need someone that will look after the little people. Up around Vandalia would love to meet you


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