Donald Trump: Myth maker

Source: NYT

The levels of fake news and whataboutism he helped blossom into real threats to logic and reason are capitalizing on a lack of civic knowledge and engagement. Increasing numbers of Americans are susceptible to believing anything but the truth without any skepticism. It is creating an environment that empowers both his myth-making and supporters.

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Why Our Neighbors Still Support Trump

Well, think about it. If the Democratic Party had not vacated rural America, there would not be such fertile ground for someone like Trump to take advantage. It’s no surprise that they feel as if they know him; he was in their living rooms for decades selling the other big cons of his narrative . . . that he was a strong leader, that he was successful at business. 

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Debating Inflation with Blamers


It’s similar to a child touching a hot stove and burning themselves. You would think a person, at some point in their adult lives, would learn how to regulate their emotional responses to stimuli they should at least anticipate encountering in their daily lives, but to no avail. They just want to hear what they already believe.

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COVID and You

Pretty ****ing typical American model for governance. Businesses violate, let them skate. Individuals get sick, indict. Businesses will be able to operate which is great for them since they have no legal consequences. Individuals having a gathering? Not...

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14 May 2020

Social Security Fairness Act

I would support the Social Security Fairness Act of 2017, which has broad bipartisan support. It’s one of the areas where my opponent and I are in agreement.

Unfortunately for our teachers and spouses, this bill has been sitting in the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Social Security since March of 2017. It is not even listed on the Subcommittee’s website as a bill introduced in the 115th Congress, so the GOP is not serious about solving this problem.

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People Over Party.

To me, I’m focused like a laser on changing the conversation. Moving beyond this blame game. Finding common ground, using common sense, and utilizing common values to move our district forward. That is why I’m showing up, standing up, and speaking out everywhere I go. Wages have been stagnant for decades, in some industries wages have actually been decreasing. This is why the economic environment is so hostile to both workers and especially to business. Without eliminating the disincentives and punishments for getting back to work, the bridge to self-reliance is non-existent. When you examine downstate politics, the Republicans have one mantra. “Madigan.” That’s all they run on mostly, adding in one or two social issues that divide and separate as opposed to build and boost our local economies. I know that the People are exhausted by that boring, tired playbook.

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