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People Over Party.

To me, I'm focused like a laser on changing the conversation. Moving beyond this blame game. Finding common ground, using common sense, and utilizing common values to move our district forward. That is why I'm showing up, standing up, and speaking out everywhere I go. Wages have been stagnant for decades, in some industries wages have actually been decreasing. This is why the economic environment is so hostile to both workers and especially to business. Without eliminating the disincentives and punishments for getting back to work, the bridge to self-reliance is non-existent. When you examine downstate politics, the Republicans have one mantra. “Madigan.” That’s all they run on mostly, adding in one or two social issues that divide and separate as opposed to build and boost our local economies. I know that the People are exhausted by that boring, tired playbook.

What Makes Me Different

I'm not one to blame our problems on one person or one party. I also don't believe that one solution will solve any of it. Throughout much of my life, when I see a problem I do something about it. I don't complain, I get to work instead. 

Illinois’ Problems Are Beyond Party

Here is my Letter to the Editor of my hometown newspaper, The News-Progress. When I was in high school, I actually wrote sports stories for them, as well as co-writing […]

First Q & A

Send Me Your Questions, Concerns, or Comments. Email: Twitter: @gaither4il I think we need less personality and more connecting with voters. Less personal and social issues and more […]