Trump’s Taxes

  • Could you imagine paying $750 in federal income taxes a year?
  • Could you imagine claiming a $72.9 million tax refund because you were that bad at business then running a presidential campaign based on being the best at business?
  • Could you imagine being in a position, like President of the United States, and not screwing over Americans like you’ve consistently screwed over American taxpayers for decades to pay for your insanely bad business practices?

Millions of President Trump’s ardent supporters will never believe that he has the worst record at business in world history.

But Donald John Trump is the worst at business.
Now, he’s been the worst at running the American government.

That’s why American deficits and debt have skyrocketed, while Covid-19 deaths will hit new highs today, why America is retreating on the global stage, and why President Trump has ordered the retreat of our American military to allow our adversaries to take advantage of how weak he has made the United States of America in just 3 1/2 years.

President Trump has an army of people to enable him.

They conflate personal taxes, taxes that pay for Social Security and Medicare, with income taxes, which President Trump has avoided for decades, at times paying $750 a year, mostly not paying anything whatsoever.

Is it any shock that President Trump would by Executive Order end those Social Security and Medicare taxes?


President Trump doesn’t care about the American people, our healthcare, our seniors and their retirement that they’ve worked for while paying income taxes.

The Trump roll back of those payroll taxes that fund Social Security and Medicare have placed both programs in more serious jeopardy than they already were.

Does he care?


Donald John Trump did have enormous success with his TV show, “The Apprentice.” Unfortunately, just as he had squandered his inheritance with bad business deals and bad business practices, history repeated itself with his actions and decisions.

No wonder our country is in the gutter that he threw us into with his lack of ability and his inherent lack of empathy for the American people.

By the time Donald John Trump had begun his 2016 campaign for President of the United States, he was in financial quicksands again.

President Trump, in 2018, lied about profits he made from his businesses. He said he made $434.9 million. He actually lost $47.4 million. He’s a loser and a liar.

More troubling than the lies about his stunning and repeated business losses and lack of paying taxes are the whopping $300 million in loans that will be coming due in the next four years.

No wonder he increasingly appears desperate to hold onto the Oval Office, regardless of the outcome of the November elections.

Most concerning to the $750 that President Trump paid in taxes occasionally are the whopping totals American taxpayers paid him and his businesses during his presidency.

No wonder he increasingly appears desperate to hold onto the Oval Office, regardless of the outcome of the November elections.

The foreign money and foreign loans that flowed into Trump’s pockets over the last decade are a troubling reminder that money often pays for loyalty down the road.

Talk about draining the swamp, President Trump should have told his supporters he was bringing the foreign swamp into the White House, infecting our government, our agencies and the Republican Party that have enabled his repulsive behavior, his retreats abroad and his devastating and deadly mistakes at home.

For as much as I’ve heard people claim what a great businessman Trump is, all I see is evidence that he is a carnival barker who has been able to capitalize on our nation’s lack of investment in education and infrastructure over the last 50 years.

Will Trump supporters dump him?


  • Their own family and friends will die and they don’t care either.
  • They like Trump because he abuses others in the way they would like to abuse them.
  • They would like to be on TV firing people on a fake business show called “The Apprentice” too.
  • They would rather pay for Trump’s failing businesses with their hard-earned money than protect their neighbors and loved ones from a pandemic.
  • They give lip service support to law enforcement, the military and our veterans.

How do I know these things are true?

I’ve watched them all unfold with my own eyes, ears and mind.

And, I’m being kind.

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