Experts Aren’t Leading on COVID

Scientists and public health officials aren’t writing the CDC Virus Testing Guidelines for America any longer . . . it’s President Trump’s 2020 Reelection Campaign.

So, the guy who disbanded the pandemic response team that was in the White House back in 2018 thinks we should listen to his fake science, his fake facts and his fake news?

President Trump is wrong.

So, President Trump, the guy who claims he can clean up the violence that has only worsened under President Trump over the last 3 1/2 years, will only clean them up if he’s re-elected. In fact, in 2016, President Trump said, “I am your voice, said Trump. I alone can fix itI will restore law and order.” He failed.

President Trump has no clue how to confront violence. I believe he supports it in our cities because the victims aren’t his supporters and aren’t likely to vote for him ever.

Why would anyone re-elect someone who refuses to solve a problem today they say they can solve but won’t until you vote for them?

That reminds me of our healthcare system that President Trump is in the Supreme Court trying to dismantle without a substitute waiting to replace it.

Yes, the old switcheroo, repeal and replace, is back, and this time your preexisting conditions coverage, like having COVID-19 infection, will be thrown out if President Trump has his way.

Do you really believe he has a healthcare plan?

He promised one in his first 100 days during his first term. It’s day 1336. He failed.

We’ve never seen a plan because President Trump doesn’t have one. He’s a liar.

  • He didn’t have a plan when he disbanded the pandemic response team. He’s a failure.

That’s why 200,000 fellow Americans have died.

Millions of other Americans have been infected and are currently infected.

Millions will have long term consequences that are called pre-existing conditions.

  • He didn’t have a plan when fires burnt federal lands across the West.
  • He didn’t have a plan when Americans were getting shot and killed by police and extremists.
  • He didn’t have a plan when violence erupted in our nation every summer.
  • He didn’t have a plan when he’s sabotaged and now is trying to get the Supreme Court to overturn the Affordable Care Act and end preexisting conditions coverage, which will be key to anyone who has become infected and is recovering during the disastrous and failed response to COVID-19 by the Trump Administration.

He isn’t even running on an official platform in 2020.

The Trump platform is the following:

  • to use and abuse the American taxpayer
  • to continue to oversee his Republican tax breaks for American companies offshoring American jobs
  • to continue to avoid any responsibility or accountability for his failures and his mistakes in handling trade, violence and the pandemic to continuing to have no replacement healthcare plan for the Affordable Care Act he is trying to have ruled unconstitutional in the Supreme Court and that he and Republicans in Congress have sabotaged for a decade.

He is sabotaging the CDC and the guidelines that allow for testing of our citizens. Rapid testing would allow Americans to become better informed. By limiting testing, President Trump is trying to limit the number of infections reported in order to make his re-election easier by making the pandemic look less pervasive and severe in the last 45 days.

Trump is not just a failure. He is a threat to our national security, our public health, our economy and our longevity as a nation.

Don’t see President Trump through the filter of your choice in 2016. See President Trump as he is.

It can be too easy to cherry pick facts that fit our previous decision to avoid accountablity and responsibility. I don’t believe we’re a nation of Donald John Trumps.

We’re a nation that comes together in crisis, that sees problems as they are and not as we wish they would be.

We’re a nation that can acknowledge our failures and mistakes, learn from them, grow from them, and move forward from them together.

At least I hope we are.

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