Illinois Politics

Doing the Difficult

Let’s hope Biden was honest when he said he would be the President for all Americans, regardless of what candidate they voted for in this election.
The pandemic has only intensified and deepened the issues within the education system as well as every other aspect of basic living and survival.

And, yet, Americans may not tackle these problems. Americans may continue to reward failure in their leaders. Americans may continue to not engage with those they disagree because it’s just too difficult and uncomfortable.

I thought we did difficult things.

Maybe, that was another America.

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Wounded Wet Nurses

Meadows sounds more like a Russian news agency mouthpiece for the Kremlin attacking American intelligence and law enforcement agencies then he does an American public servant doing the work of the American people and protecting our national security.

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EIU Reopening???

It takes strong leaders to stand up and not lead from fear. Demand better or you receive less. No wonder rural communities are struggling.

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17 August 2020

Missed Opportunities in Education

“There are places where educators have already forged ahead in the past months with creative plans for remote learning.” -Dana Goldstein, NYT The places that have forged ahead are models, whereas the countless missed opportunities keep stacking up...

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Rewrite Tomorrow

We’re less educated, so we’re less able to understand what’s happening right now. 
Our country is crumbling around us, so we’re less able to act upon what’s happening right now.
We’re not as healthy as we could be, and our knowledge and access to becoming healthier is limited.
Services and officials are less able to meet the demands and needs that we have and deserve.

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